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Solomon is a very conscientious and dedicated colleague. He took the time to spearhead the International Covid Case Care Team and Return To Work Team while still being involved with different projects. He was and still is a great asset to the team. He is a very great communicator and always maintains such a positive attitude and a desire to produce quality work. He is able to handle multiple projects and still deliver great results. He works hard to ensure the solution provides the best possible value. I was able to gain a perfect understanding of the different systems, databases, and coordinating documents with his thorough training. He is by far one of the most helpful and professional colleagues that I have had the pleasure of working with.
Priscilla (Pesqueira) Cunningham
Human Resource at Verizon
Solomon is knowledgeable, articulate, and a pleasure to work. I've known Solomon from my college days where we both were student secretaries of clubs, his contribution to CSA with regards to the blood donations & social outreach programs camps organized made a great impact on many lives. Back in 2020, during the Covid 19 pandemic when I started Itzfizz Digital, Solomon adviced us in terms of recruitment, training & coaching candidates for various job roles. He is focused, reliable, and goal-oriented and knows how to bring the best out of each person.
Mohammed Faizan N
Digital Marketing & Growth Consultant at Itzfizz Digital
I have worked with Solomon and he is one of the best in our team, great skill sets and strategies. Very good mentor and guide as well.
Reema Balabanta Ray

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