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The application even enables you to export your Azure storage accounts so that you can easily transport it to other locations.

One day I’ve got a requirement that I need to upload images from the application to Windows Azure blob storage blob.
Since the task takes 15 seconds, I know my code is inefficient. So I decide to try VS 2010 Profiler to see the key performance indicators. I’ve been struggling to google it. All I found that is about a complex workflow I can set cde4edac5b

A total powerful solution for technical writers.

The problem of today’s enterprise software is the lack of knowledge ability. Yesterday we have been living in a simpler world of Windows PCs, documents, time and the desktops. Then the Internet came. And all the businesses were started like e-commerce and so on. In the year 2002, there was a very simple concept of. This is, to advance your business through the net and through intranets. (In the time of

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